Wiltshire Music Centre: Wiltshire

Percy Penguin’s Lighthouse Party at 3pm, preceded by a linked playshop at 2pm

Many years ago, Percy Penguin lived in a lighthouse with the elderly Lighthouse Keeper. Percy Penguin loved to help Mr. Lighthouse Keeper with all the jobs, and he worked hard at keeping the big flashing light bright and clean, so that the ships could always find their way home safely at night. Things were, however, about to change….and the resourceful little Penguin would soon need the help of his friends.

Join the Galliard Ensemble as they tell this interactive story through words and music. The children in the audience are invited to participate throughout and to then join Percy and his other friends in his ingenious plan to help save the ships.

Music played during the show:

Parker Mississippi Five (selection)
Hindemith Kleine Kammermusik, op. 24, no. 2, 4th movement: Schnelle Viertel
Handel Water Music, 1st movement: Pomposo, arr. Tom Kennedy
Agay Polka, from Five Easy Dances
Hallam Charleston, from Dance Suite

Images by Megan Jennifer Storey (13yrs)